I had an awful/exhausting time trying to help my boyfriend find an apartment UNTIL we found DSA. They responded to my emails right away, Alex Mecum met us early the next morning, and met a few more times over the course of the week til he found "the place" -- which is spacious, clean, beautiful (nice molding and a fireplace), cheap as could be, and a great location in the East Village.

Alex helped us out, and he REALLY knew his stuff, didn't waste our time looking at places that weren't what we wanted and was never pushy. Many of their places are no-fee, too (such a contrast in every way to other brokers and companies). They followed through politely via email, were always available, and left us feeling really satisfied with the experience.

Thank you, Peta, for making this such a good experience. This was my first time around using a broker in Manhattan and would not hesitate to recommend you.


I moved from Chicago to NYC and had 4 days to find an apartment here. Overall the experience finding a place was horrible until I started working with DSA and their stellar staff.  On my last day of searching they helped me find the right place for me and were friendly, honest, and helpful throughout the entire process.  Given the number of realty companies in this city that are out to just make money off you, it was breath of fresh air to work with DSA - they actually cared about my living needs and preferences.  I highly recommend them if you are moving within the city or from out of state.  They made this process successful and transparent.  Thank you Alex and Christine - you rock!

Very honest and straight forward company. I worked with Alex, who made me feel very comftorable with the easily overwhelming market of finding the right apt in NYC. It's easy to experience consumer vertigo when searching for a Manhattan apt.  DSA made the process simple, factual, and specifically tailored to what I was looking for in a home. I highly recommend.

Simply said, if you are looking for a place in the east village that is livable and affordable work with this company. They got us exactly what we wanted and didn't waste our time.


My boyfriend and I had spent a few weeks looking for apartments in the East Village and in Brooklyn. Of all the brokers/agents we met with Alex was great! It didn't put any pressure on us, was professional and easy to work with. We looked at one place which was too small and once we described what we were looking for he showed us another listing which was perfect but out of our price range.

He kept in touch and eventually lowered the price within our range. We met Christine in the office, she had a similar vibe, very professional and easy to work with. We got all of our documents and were approved within 24hours.

Overall- we got a great place in the east village for an affordable price.


We thought that finding a place in New York would be a never-ending nightmare but we were proven wrong. Alex Mecum and Christine Carter from DSA realty found THE apartment for us in next to no time. All in all our experience with DSA Realty was perfect. It took us just four days to find an apartment beyond our expectations and below our budget maximum. They managed to find a beautiful place for us in a lovely neighborhood although we are foreigners with two dogs, a short credit history and no guarantors.  Alex and Christine are extremely friendly, helpful and professional - a "mix" one does not find very often. We would definitely work with them again and we already recommended them to our friends.  Alex and Christine thanks again for your help!

Thanks so much Christine, the apartment is great! Thanks so much for all your help and the nice message - I will definitely be working with DSA again if I need a new apartment in the future, and will refer friends to you and Alex. This has really been the best experience I've had looking for a place in NYC.


Wade - Thank you for taking the time to help me find my first place in Manhattan. I apprecaited your honest advice and all the time you spent showing me some great places (hands down better than all the other brokers and websites that I used). Thank you for getting me great deal. Good luck with everthing.

Best, Rishi

Wade showed us several apartments which met the criteria we established in order for us to understand the value equation.  He described to us the nuances of the various neighborhoods as well as the process of renting an apartment in Manhattan.  Overall, he made the experience understandable and enjoyable and perhaps most importantly he respected our time by only showing us apartments which fit our needs.   Subsequently he identified some options that met our budget and timing requirements and he and Andrew viewed them with Andrew selecting one of those.  Wade guided us through the application process and patiently and thoroughly answered all of our questions.  All of this leads us to our lease signing meeting on Friday.  Wade is a credit to DSA Realty and we will choose to work with him again when its time for another apartment.

Travis has been an incredible help in our apartment search. He listens to our questions and is easy to talk to about concerns. We found him by chance, as we walked by the office late on a Saturday afternoon, and are truly lucky to have him working with us. He makes the 'brokers fee' worth every penny.

~ Travis Mahrt of The CARTER-MECUM Team

I really enjoyed and appreciated having Travis as my broker. From the start, he managed to be friendly, charming, and personable, while still being professional. He was willing to negotiate and communicate my needs to the landlord effectively so that I was able to afford and secure my dream apartment. When I had questions, he was quick to respond and extremely informative. I would highly recommend Travis to any other apartment seekers and would love to work with him again in the future!


~for Travis Mahrt of The CARTER-MECUM Team

Travis listened to what I was looking for in a building i.e. washer/dryers, elevator and out-door space. I have a set budget on the monthly rent and Travis showed me apartments within the budget. He was very well prepared and knows that rental market in NYC. I will definitely recommend him to my friends.


~for Travis Mahrt of The CARTER-MECUM Group

I think Travis really heard what I was wanting and sent me appropriate listings after first meeting, making for a fairly quick/easy transaction. And I really appreciated that he remembered little random conversational details. Nice to be treated as a person in a process that can sometimes be very awful... THANKS!


~for Travis Mahrt of The CARTER-MECUM Group

Travis was an absolute pleasure to work with and he went the extra mile to show me some great places. It never appeared to be his goal to just sell me on the highest priced apartment. I would most certainly let my friends & associates about him, and I hope there are more others like him out there though I have my doubts :(


~For Travis Mahrt of The CARTER-MECUM Group

Nice and easy to talk to. Travis listened to my concerns and answered my questions and had a good memory of our prior chit chats. He never lost patience with me even though I was probably very difficult with my apartment demands... 


~For Travis Mahrt of The CARTER-MECUM Group

I had a wonderful experience with Michael and DSA Realty. When I contacted DSA about an apartment listing, I was under a major time crunch and had to be out of my apartment in a week's time. They were very prompt in contacting me back and I was able to set up a time to view the apartment that day with Michael who was very personable and professional. I viewed the apartment on a Friday, filled out the application on Saturday, and signed the lease on Tuesday. DSA was very helpful throughout this whole process, making me feel less anxious about my impending move. I highly recommend Michael and DSA Reality to anyone looking for a new home.

-Ashley H


As the mother of a senior at NYU, I highly recommend broker Matt Dure and DSA Realty Services.  Matt is highly responsive, caring, patient, knowledgeable, level-headed with good instincts and judgment.  He was the only one who responded promptly out of 5 different firms the day before July 4th and identified 10 studios and 5 two bed-room apartments to view on Friday in our neighborhoods of choice - the Village, Chelsea and Flatiron.  He patiently worked through details with two sets of parents and daughters (living in different states); took measurements of all of the rooms in various apartments; connected the daughters to the super; and supported us through negotiations with the landlord - from late at night to over the weekend. 

He is really terrific to work with and very customer oriented - excellent broker!

~for Matt Dure and The CARTER-MECUM Group

We're pretty much obsessed with our apartment (which we've decorated quite nicely!) and the surrounding area. Thanks again for all your help, we couldn't have snagged this place without you!

So far the little bit of time I have spent in the neighborhood and in the apartment are pretty great. Thanks for all your help, you’re great at what you do!

Megan – Thank you for all your help and making my transition from SF to NYC so easy.  I love my new place and neighborhood. I will be sure to refer you to anyone who is looking for a place in NYC. 

We love the apartment and the area. Feels soooo at home which is great seen how we just relocated from Sweden.    Thanks again for all your help!

Thanks for finding me an apartment I love :)

We are loving the apartment and the hood and we would love it if you could join us at our housewarming/food fest!  The details are below:

*** President Street,  XX (but you knew that)

Saturday, May 3rd from 3pm –It’s a potluck so feel free to bring or buy something (although I suspect they’ll be plenty of food so don’t feel obligated) and whatever your drink of choice is.  

We love our new place and love the neighborhood.  Thanks again for helping us out and making everything simple! Hope you are well.

I recently moved to NYC from Miami and found a great apartment through James Kogut of DSA Realty. James was a very nice, easy-going, down to earth guy that made us feel comfortable and at ease in the otherwise stressful New York rental market. He was professional and actually worked in our best interest. After going through the whole singing process, it seemed that we would have to pay an additional month of rent, but James was able to negotiate with the landlord so we wouldn't have to. The overall experience with DSA was terrific and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an apartment. 


Good morning, Christine

I enjoyed our conversation yesterday morning.  It is clear to me that your Group is unique....I have experienced the sense of commitment to relationship and the trust that follows,

in every interaction that I have had.  In the 'medical world' in which I have invested my career,  these principles are also critical for good outcome...I recognize and appreciate the investment that is necessary to achieve this.

Steve and I hit some unexpected stumbling blocks yesterday....I had had every expectation that we would complete our process.  He will give me another date and I will return at the very beginning of your next cycle.

I look forward to completing this current business with your Group and to the future interactions we will have.

Thank you.

Alex & Christine -- Thank you so much for everything you did to get me the apt! I'm so excited to move and w/out you I probably would've ended up in some kind of crack den with a roommate named Slippery Pete. Instead I've got a great apt in agreat location with an awesome backyard. Many thanks! -A


I've worked with DSA realty to find apartments twice now and would do it a third time.  Both times I was helped by Alex Mecum who, like others have said, is a breath of fresh air in the sometimes-shady apartment hunt world.  Alex really got to the heart of what I was looking for and seeing an apartment with him was never a waste of time.  Twice he went above and beyond my expectations - the best time I was locked out of my apartment and he went back to his office after hours to pick up spare keys for me.  I highly recommend Alex & the rest of DSA realty.
Will H. 
~For Alexander Mecum and The CARTER-MECUM Group


Thank you so much for the thoughtful and generous gift certificate to Tasty n Sons! That is one of our favorite restaurants in Portland, so we’re excited to go back there. Jon and I really appreciate your efforts throughout this process, from trying to rent the apartment to handling the sale of it. It has given us peace of mind knowing that you were acting as our advocate with potential clients. Thank you for your prompt turnaround on any questions we had, and your professionalism while dealing with extremely difficult people at Murray Hill Terrace and Akam. If we can be of help in providing a referral, please don’t hesitate to let us know. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Thank you,

Reshma and Jonathan

My roommate and myself had been looking for an apartment for around a month. Both of us were stressed in more ways than one about finding the right place in the amount of time we had. We had hoped to find something in our price range that wasn't too tiny or a disaster. I found out about DSA Realty, and set up and appt. with realtor Alex Mecum to see some places. The second apartment he showed us was an absolute perfect fit. The area was what we wanted, the price fit our budget and the apartment had just been renovated and was in great shape! Alex got in touch with us to follow up and was available to show us the place again right away. With DSA's help we were able to get the ball rolling very quickly. The lease was completed by Christine Carter, and DSA was truly incredible at staying in touch and letting us know that our getting the apartment we wanted was their priority. We were able to successfully lease the place, and we couldn't be happier, not only with our new apartment but with DSA who helped us find it and made the whole experience incredibly enjoyable. Everyone that we met and worked with from the organization was friendly helpful and just overall there to make the rental process not a terrifying experience. I would highly recommend and definitely use them again!

I really appreciate all of the HARD WORK that you put in to help me find a place and it's too bad that the places on 30th/Lex and 35th/Lex didn't work out. I also appreciate that you had my best interests in mind and were really pleasant to deal with (unlike most brokers). If there is anything I can do to help you out such as write you a recommendation etc., please let me know. I will also be sure to recommend you to my friends.


Sarah L 


I recently moved to NYC from Miami and had read about the horrors of New York brokers. After experiencing our fair share of terrible, pushy, and rude brokers, we came upon James Kogut of DSA Realty. James showed us a great apartment in the East Village. Unlike most brokers we came across, he didn't push us to sign quickly or tell us the usual "you won't find anything better than this." He simply told us that if we were interested, to let him know. After going through the whole singing process, it seemed that we would have to pay an additional month of rent, but James was able to negotiate with the landlord so we wouldn't have to. Overall, James was a very nice, easygoing, down to earth guy that made us feel comfortable and at ease in the otherwise stressful New York rental market.  

I would definitely recommend DSA to anyone looking for an apartment in NYC. They are a great brokerage firm. If you can get James Kogut be your broker, even better.


~For James Kogut of The CARTER-MECUM Group

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